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So with getting 700 watchers lately and no one being bothered about my raffle really, here's a contest for points and art prizes.
Also thank you guys dearly for getting me this far it means so so much, also with my new found love for Evan Peters and bae (aka TheGrumpyWolfie who also owns Kyle) loving him to let's queue a contest ^^

So lets get started!! ^U^ 

UPDATE- Since hardly anyone wanted to enter new rules have been made ^^

Theme: Evan Fangirling
  -Draw Lyra and or Kyle dressed as either
Violet and Tate Langdon from AHS
  - or Quicksilver (X-men)
And wolveriene X-Men (most recent one)
- Kyle and or Lyra meeting Evan (extra points for this)
- Etc

Lyra as quickislver or Violet
Kyle as Tate or wolvriene

Or design a fanchild of Lyra and Kyle

Or draw Tate Welch as Tate Langdon ^^

- Has to include at least one of these two or both (they are a couple so yeah)
- As well as it has to include Evan Peters (as any of his characters or himself) with Kyle and or Lyra
- Or draw Kyle and or Lyra as any of Evan's characters 

-No Bases, Original art 
-No Tracing! 
-Must make a Journal or putting a link to the Contest in your contest entry description 
-give me a link to your entry in the comments section of this journal 
-Feel free to tag anyone who wants to join 
-If you've read the The rule say "normal people scare me"
  -And have Fun! 

-Kyle reference
Kyle,  refrence sheet by TheChubsterWolfie

-Lyra reference
Lyra, Oozzella ref sheet by TheChubsterWolfie

Or you can design a fanchild for them
(or draw Tate their fanchild he can be found in the stash link, Tate langdon related things with Tate get extra points)

other children (could help for ideas)
Puppy Fusion by xLilManiacx

Help with what others have done themed from AHS with Kyle and Lyra
The end of the world by StormyTUNDRAwolf Kyle Meets Kyle (Commission) by mysterypaws

(these are other options ^^)
List Of Preferred Evan Peters characters (Including normal Evan)
(in order of most wanted to least wanted, don't worry though they will all be judged equally)

AHS standing for American Horror story
(also you can goggle these guys easily ^^)

- Tate Langdon (AHS)
- Quicksilver (X-men version only)
- Kyle Spencer (AHS)
- Edward Philip Mott (AHS)
- Evan Peters (Himself)
- Rory (AHS)
- James (AHS)
- Jimmy Darling (AHS)
- Kit walker (AHS)

- 500:points: 
- A blink/other animation bust
- Or anything else you want

- 1 icon or pixel
A blink/other animation bust

- icon or headshot

Examples of Prizes: 
:gift: BOIII by TheChubsterWolfie :YCH: I'm blue.. by TheChubsterWolfie:trade: Wittle bun buns by TheChubsterWolfie Everybody loves me by TheChubsterWolfie :gift: Albino babe by TheChubsterWolfie



(depends on how many enter and when they enter)

Finished Entries: thechubsterwolfie.deviantart.c…

 And good luck my dudes ^^
Jimmy Darling by UsagiGami

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Jellusart Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2017
normal people scare me
TheChubsterWolfie Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2017  Student General Artist
GoreCreature Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Ill join ;w;
TheChubsterWolfie Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2017  Student General Artist
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